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Bryce A. Fetter, P.A. Attorney at Law provides criminal defense services for clients throughout Greater Orlando, Florida, including all of Orange County, Seminole County, Lake County, Osceola County, Brevard County and Volusia County. 

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Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Lawyer and Former Prosecutor | Florida

Bryce Fetter is an experienced Orlando criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor who represents individuals accused of criminal matters throughout Orange County, Seminole County and the surrounding Central Florida area.  We have handled thousands of felony, misdemeanor, juvenile and DUI cases. Our mission is to provide the highest quality legal criminal defense to each client. We believe in zealous representation, hard work, and doing everything necessary so our clients get the best possible result.

Bryce Fetter has called Central Florida home for more than 35 years, and he is familiar with the courtroom practices, judges, prosecutors and police officers here in the Orlando and Central Florida area. Due to his years of experience as a former local prosecutor and Orlando criminal defense lawyer, he understands how the system works.
Personal Attention Given to You and Your Case

When you call our Orlando criminal defense law firm you will speak with Bryce Fetter.  Bryce Fetter will answer your call 24/7, 365 days a year.  Once you are a client, you will have access to your criminal defense lawyer 24/7 as every client has Bryce Fetter's personal cell phone number.  Bryce Fetter will personally handle all aspects of your case.  You will be able to call, text or email him directly 24/7.  Your case will not be assigned to a less-experienced attorney or case manager.  Bryce Fetter is the only attorney that will speak to you on the phone, meet you in person, and attend court on your behalf.  Your case will get his full attention. 

​The Intake Process: Getting a Head Start Defending Your Case

There is a window of opportunity between an arrest and the filing of formal charges.  In most criminal cases the best opportunity to have charges dropped or reduced is prior to the State Attorney filing formal charges.  The charging decision can be influenced by providing the State important factors often overlooked by the arresting officer and not documented in your police report. 

Once retained, we will start to work on your criminal case before the State Attorney files formal charges.  This pre-filing representation gives our clients the opportunity to influence the State Attorney's filing decision and, in some cases, avoid being formally charged with the crime for which they were arrested.  We take an aggressive approach and explore all your options for a successful solution to your case, with an emphasis on alternatives to a life-long criminal record.  Hiring an aggressive criminal defense lawyer quickly after an arrest remains the most effective way to defend yourself against an unjust prosecution.

Defending Your Constitutional Rights Against Unlawful Police Conduct

The constitution guarantees that people be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.  It is important for you to know if any of your constitutional rights have been violated. The police must have a lawful basis to stop and detain you, pat you down, search your person, vehicle or other property and arrest you. Unlawful police conduct can lead to the suppression of evidence and statements obtained after the illegal conduct.  Important questions that should be answered to determine if the police acted lawfully are:  

​(1) Were you stopped and detained for a lawful reason?
(2) Did the police officer have the right to search your person, property or vehicle?
(3) Did you consent to a search of your person, property or vehicle?
(4) Were you read your Miranda rights?
(5) Were any of your statements illegally obtained?

​Contact an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Orange County, Florida

We have one goal for resolving your case, helping you obtain the best possible outcome. We understand that your livelihood, liberty and good name are at stake.  Contact Bryce A. Fetter, P.A. for a free consultation.  In addition to keeping normal business hours, our office is open every Saturday. Call 407-740-7275 to speak with an experienced former prosecutor and aggressive criminal defense attorney in Winter Park, Florida.
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