Dismissing the Charge

We can often have your case dropped before formal criminal charges are filed.

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Excluding Evidence

We can file a pretrial 'Motion to Suppress' where evidence was illegally obtained.

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Pretrial Diversion

We can apply for your participation in a pretrial diversion program.

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Expunging Your Record

After your case is resolved, we can petition the court to expunge your record.

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Bryce Fetter Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney

Call Bryce Fetter at 407.740.7275 for a free consultation. In addition to keeping extended business hours, our office is open every Saturday.

Bryce Fetter is an experienced Orlando criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor who defends clients against all types of felony and misdemeanor criminal charges including all theft crimes, DUI, domestic violence, juvenile crimes and all types of drug charges.

Bryce Fetter has called Central Florida home for more than 35 years, and he is familiar with the courtroom practices, judges, prosecutors and police officers here in the Central Florida area. Due to his years of experience as a former local prosecutor and Orlando criminal defense lawyer, he understands how the system works.

How an Arrest Becomes a Case

7 Stages [Roll Over to View]

911 Call, Traffic Stop or Anonymous Tip


Police start an Investigation


Person Arrested and Booked on Recommended Charges


Police report created justifying arrest and recommended charges


Arrest report then forwarded to the State Attorney's Office for review of the recommended charges. Only the Prosecutor can file charges or drop charges.


Attorney calls the prosecutor to discuss possible case issues that can lead to charges being dropped or reduced.


The case is filed on or dismissed by the Prosecutor.


8 Steps to Defending Your Case


Schedule a Free Consultation

We schedule an office appointment to learn about you, learn about your case and determine how we can help.


Obtain alll Written Reports

Obtain and review all written reports relating to your arrest. This includes your police report, any supplemental reports and witness statements.


Preserve all Video Evidence

We Immediately search for and demand the preservation of any video evidence from the police or any third-party.


Review All State Evidence

We formally demand discovery in your case to search for any conflict in evidence or lack of evidence. We look for all information helpful to your case.


Favorable Evidence

Compile a list of all possible witnesses, witness statements, pictures and other defense evidence beneficial to your case.


Hire an Investigator

Hire a private investigator to interview witnesses, record witness statements, visit the crime scene and gather any other favorable evidence.


Qualify you for Pretrial Diversion

We apply for entry into a pretrial diversion program. Pretrial diversion is a pathway to the complete dismissal of all criminal charges.


File Pre-Trial Motions

File pretrial motions to exclude illegally collected evidence. This includes all statements obtained in violation of your Miranda rights.

Many times through out my case, other things in life happen that seem to just overwhelm me. Bryce took it up himself to care for my needs in my case more than I could for myself at times.

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